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A Visit to NKST Primary School, Anzwar


NKST Primary School, Anzwar is located on the northern part of Gboko, Benue State in Central Nigeria. Pupils who attend this school certainly do not belong to the families of the haves but the have not. 

This is the primary school where Francisca Mlumun Ordega obtained her certificate of primary education. This also explains in a way, the background of this talented female footballer that has made not just Nigeria but entire the African continent proud.

Aware of the condition of the pupils of this public primary school and as a way of putting smiles on the faces of people, the Francisca Mlumun Ordega Foundation (FMOF) led by its President and Founder, Francisca Ordega visited the school on February 24, 2016.

The school went agog and was thrown into wild jubilation with the sight and presence of the talented female footballer, Francisca Ordega. Addressing the staff and students, Francisca went down memory lane of her days as a pupil of the school. She particularly expressed gratitude to the teachers who taught her and instilled in her moral discipline and the culture of hard work. She encouraged the pupils to take their studies serious and remain focused.

During the visit, the FMOF presented to the pupils bag packs, exercise books, pencils and biros. More so, Mrs Magdalene Buter, Francisca’s former teacher was presented with gifts. Iordye Doowuese, an eight (8) years old, primary two pupil said the visit to the school by an ex-pupil will spur her to work hard so that she would also become successful and one day visit her primary school and make her teachers proud of her. 

Kwaghbo Ortyom another primary two pupil on his own part said; “it is my first term in school and Francisca came visiting with a lot people and learning materials. The items I got from her have made me very happy and it will help me to settle down very well to learn”.