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A Visit to Abagena Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Camp


There is a severe humanitarian crisis in Benue State occasioned by sustained and incessant coordinated horrendous attacks by marauding herdsmen which have killed, maimed and destroyed homes, farms and schools and rendered thousands of people homeless. 

There are over ten internally displaced persons’ camps spread across the State with hundreds of thousands persons still taking shelter in those IDPs camps; comprising children, young and old, pregnant women, the sick and the weak. There is hunger and no enough water to drink. Children are out of school and so many other challenges.

One of the camps is located at Abagena, a few kilometers away from Makurdi the Benue State capital. This is the camp the Francisca Mlumun Ordega Foundation (FMOF) visited on March 5, 2018.

In order to ameliorate the suffering of the IDPs, the FMOF during the visit presented the following items;

  1. Twenty (20) bags of 50kg rice
  2. Two (2) bags of beans
  3. Kegs of vegetable and palm oil
  4. Bags of salt
  5. Two (2) cartons of food seasoning spices  
  6. Bags of assorted unisex clothes
  7. Bags of assorted unisex shoes.