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Second Visit to NKST Orphanage, Mkar


One of the aims of the Francisca Mlumun Ordega Foundation (FMOF) is to provide succour to the less privileged of the society wherever they may be found. 

Over the years, the Foundation has undertaken acts of charity dispassionately. One of the areas the FMOF has paid keen interest is the welfare of the children at the orphanage. 

For the NKST Orphanage, Mkar the visit of December 30, 2014 was the second to have donations from the FMOF. As usual, Francisca Ordega on this day led members of the Foundation where the following items were donated;

  1. One (1) bag of rice
  2. One (1) bag of salt
  3. One (1) keg of 25 litres of palm oil
  4. One (1) carton of washing detergent 
  5. One (1) carton of bathing soap 
  6. Four (4) cartons of food seasoning 
  7. Three (3) cartons of processed tomatoes (Gino)
  8. One (1) carton of baby soap 
  9. Five (5) cartons of Indomie noodles 
  10. 10.One (1) roll of sanitary pad 
  11. 11.Two (2) rolls of body cream 
  12. 12.One and half (1½) roll of baby diapers 
  13. 13.Five (5) pairs of slippers